Amos Pewter Humpback Whales Collector Ornament (2019)

# COHU In Stock

Amos Pewter Humpback Whales Collector Ornament (2019)

# COHU In Stock

The still ocean lays before you, silent but for the ripple of waves. Suddenly, the water is pushed aside by the swell of a humpback whale, arching up and down with a gust of breath. The distinctive whale tail rises majestically, and disappears. One is left to imagine the great being just below. But there may be more to the picture than meets the eye. This mother keeps a child close. She will nurture and care for him for a year as she teaches him the ways of the ocean. We rarely see the entire picture. Only with attention and patience can we get a fuller understanding of the world around us.

Trimmed with a burgundy ribbon, each ornament is ready for hanging on the Christmas tree or in a window.  

3" H


Product Details

Name Humpback Whales Collector Ornament (2019)
Stock Number COHU
Department Fashion
Type Ornament
Material Pewter

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Amos Pewter

Keep a piece of the Maritimes close with Amos Pewter, designed and handmade in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. Amos Pewter artisans mould and carefully hand-finish each piece in the traditional method of the craft. Their pieces evoke the local culture and history, the sea and native wildlife.