Amos Pewter Puffin Collector Ornament (2022)

# COPU Special Order

Amos Pewter Puffin Collector Ornament (2022)

# COPU Special Order

Sometimes referred to as the “Clown of the Sea”, the Atlantic Puffin is beloved for its cuddly appearance, colourful beak and endearing behaviour. But look a little closer and discover a strong, hard-working individual with a steadfast devotion to home and family. Eight months of its year are spent alone out on the open ocean, hundreds of miles from land. But as Spring breeding season approaches, it makes the incredible journey back to rejoin its lifelong mate in the very same burrow where it nested its young the previous year. In the excitement of this reunion, the couple may be seen “billing” – rubbing their beaks together – in a demonstration of their affection for each other. Appearances can be deceiving - this small, amusing-looking creature possesses hidden abilities and talents with a toughness and fidelity we can all learn from. Remember that there is often so much more to a book beneath the cover.

Trimmed with a burgundy ribbon, each ornament is ready for hanging on the Christmas tree or in a window.

3.5" D 


Product Details

Name Puffin Collector Ornament (2022)
Stock Number COPU
Department Fashion
Type Ornament
Material Pewter

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Herbin Jewellers Amos Pewter
Amos Pewter

Keep a piece of the Maritimes close with Amos Pewter, designed and handmade in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. Amos Pewter artisans mould and carefully hand-finish each piece in the traditional method of the craft. Their pieces evoke the local culture and history, the sea and native wildlife.