Sapling & Flint Moose Antler Necklace (20")

# SS-022 In Stock

Sapling & Flint Moose Antler Necklace (20")

# SS-022 In Stock

Crafted out of sterling silver, this necklace is found within the Leaders of the Four0-Legged collection. 

Ska'nyónhsa in the Mohawk language, is a leader and staple in cuisine, toolmaking, ceremonial and cultural life of Turtle Island's Indigenous nations. Using every part of the animal; their bones can be used to make tools; hair is used by expert Indigenous artisans for moose tufting and false embroidery to embellish regalia and accessories that are often treasured for many generations of a family. Many Indigenous families carry their own ancestral designs using moose hair in designing as cultural property; special permissions must be given from one generation to the next and to trusted artists to replicate these designs.


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Among the Haudenosaunee, the Deer is considered the leader of the four-legged animals. In our Thanksgiving Address we give thanks to the Deer for laying down its life in order to feed the people. Haudenosaunee men look to the buck as a role model because he lays down his life for the doe and the fawns. With our new collection; Sapling & Flint honours the leader and some of their relatives across Turtle Island; the Caribou and the Moose.

Often during recitals of the Haudenosaunee Great Law of Peace; a whitetail deer hide is used by the Speaker as an analogy of the “white roots of Peace” because a whole hide often bears a remarkable image of what looks like a profile of a White Pine tree; from the tree top to the roots, the white tail representing the white roots of Peace. It is often said that during the foundation of the Great Law, the Peacemaker used a whitetail deer hide to share his analogy of the White Pine tree representing Peace with the leadership in assembly. The first Clanmother, Tsikónsase, used the antlers of a buck to “crown” the first Confederacy Chiefs to represent them as Leaders, and prepared to lay down their lives for their People as a buck would for the doe & his children. To this day, a Condoled Chief is identified by the antlers protruding from his Kahstówa (headdress).

Name Moose Antler Necklace (20")
Stock Number SS-022
Department Fashion
Type Necklace
Sub Type Sterling Silver
Style Fashion Jewellery
Collection Leaders of the Four-Legged
Material Sterling Silver

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At Sapling & Flint, our designs are "conversation pieces that share the story of Turtle Island". We are proud to keep our business Indigenous and local, partnering with Indigenous and Canadian business in our manufacturing processes.  Our jewellery is by us, specializing in gold, and authentic wampum & sterling silver; materials of the trade of our wampum cutting & silversmithing ancestors in the colonial and pre-contact periods of our People. Wa'tkwanonhwerátonh tahnon skennenakénhak. We are Teyotsihstokwáthe Dakota Brant & Yonenyà:kenht Jesse Brant. We are proud Mohawk Turtle clan women born & raised in Six Nations of the Grand River Territory.